Trying out GameMaker Studio 2

Last month I tested out GameMaker Studio as a potential game engine for a top-down RPG project I wanted to make. I like GMS a lot! The last time I used it was back in the winter of 2014, so the interface updates were really refreshing and nice for me. It’s VERY nice to be able to learn a new software after using Unity for the last 3-4 years (and since I use Unity every day for my day job).

I’m not making the same exact thing as whatever I scribbled down on this, but it’s still a top-down RPG featuring a bunny character. Also, that crying slime character is definitely going to be in the game.
I tried to make an RPG with this bunny girl for the 2015 Global Game Jam but I was way in over my head and basically made nothing but concept art. The music was kindly made by my friend Max Erwin!

I’ve had that bunny girl character on my mind since middle school, so I’m pretty excited to work on telling her story in my game. I also have some ideas about what I want to convey through the game’s mechanics, which are inspired by traditional RPGs where you explore worlds and collect every item available to you. I still have to figure out a ton of details…

Dream sequence where NPCs influence the player. Inspired by a prototype I made for school in Emotica Online!

I made the above prototype last month, but decided to cut it out of the bunnygirl game and set it aside for another game project. Right now, I’m working on something entirely new! I’m really surprised by how easy it is to do stuff in GameMaker… I guess since most of the stuff I’m blocking out right now is so traditionally game-y, it’s been really easy for me to organically figure it out or find resources.

I’m using FriendlyCosmonaut’s Dialogue System as the base for my dialogue system! It’s super helpful! Also, I always use the green M&M meme to test my dialogue

This is all I have to show right now. I need to take this weekend to figure out my core game loop and figure out the general flow of the story so that I can confidently begin creating rooms without second-guessing myself. Lots to do!!! Thanks for reading my rambling!