Interactive Card Project

My first blog post is about my first completed project of 2019 🎉
This holiday season, I decided to take on the Winteractive Challenge from my friends’ podcast, Free Wi-Fi!

Make an interactive holiday card for your friends before the new year rolls around. The conditions are: It must take place in a single scene or setting, and it must have a bordered frame of some kind. If you want to join in and make one, please share it with us on twitter!

I totally forgot about the bordered frame part, oops… I’m also late by almost a full week… haha. Well, I’m withdrawing most details of the project since it’s meant for a few friends, but here are some things I tried out.

a shader that displays different textures on both sides
I made some silly UI animation when the user inputs the incorrect password
fanart of Cathy Trang’s game Cousbians: Are They Cousins Or Lesbians?

I sent everyone their unique password, which they can then use to open up their own personalized card. The card moves to the center and opens up so that you can see the message written inside!

This was a fun and short project! Next year, I want to do it again, but I’ll re-do the structure so that it’s more automated and can accommodate more cards for more friends. I should also start earlier to give myself more time to draw illustrations… Overall, it’s a nice way to send a bit of love to my far-away friends.